Want to connect with your audience? Get them emotionally involved. Get their juices flowing.

It works every time. Think about the current political environment–it seems like there’s massive amounts of passion all across the horizon. Unfortunately much of it is based on fear and scarcity, and it can have far-reaching impact on all of us on the planet.

Let’s bring this to your business and how you’re marketing it.

The best content–on or offline–is that which elicits emotion. It causes readers to feel something. Not only does this create a powerful bond between a content brand and its fan base, it also leads to viral sharing, which is the dream of all content marketers.

Keep It Positive.

Common knowledge tells us that positive content gets more shares. It makes sense if you think about it: The most shared content is that which is humorous or awe-inspiring. Content that gives us hope, such as a powerful image, is normally more likely to be shared than something pessimistic or negative. Amusement, joy, a sense of belonging, surprise, affection, and excitement are all very engaging emotions.

Use them. Often. Be known as the person that’s fun and inspiring, and you’ll attract the same sort of like-minded person. What a great way to attract the audience you really want!

The Case for Negativity.

However, there is a case to be made for negative emotions as well. Although negativity doesn’t go over as well as positivity does, sometimes a very sad or frightening piece of content will go viral. This is because it triggers powerful emotions of empathy or concern. I do this, as well–but I usually turn things around and end on a positive note of hope.

Not everyone does it this way, however. Take one look at today’s news and it’s clear that fear is working.

I don’t recommend fear-based marketing, and frankly, I think this strategy (at least in the political arena) will backfire for those that are engaging in it.

Righteous Anger.

Not what we're going for.
Not what we’re going for.

Some studies have shown that anger is a good emotion for content. Of course, you shouldn’t make your audience angry at you.

Instead, it can be very powerful to share content that causes some controversy and gets a discussion going. You might encourage people to rally behind a cause or engage in a debate about an important topic, but PLEASE don’t follow the current theme of encouraging violence.

What’s that all about?

Finally, curiosity is a great emotion to target. When there is content that makes people say, “What’s that all about?” it’s sure to get some sharing. This is also true of titles for written content that pique curiosity.

Do this. 😉

Which emotions to target and how to go about targeting them all depends on your target market. The better you know their feelings and opinions, the easier it is to give them content that will stir their emotions (the problem is that most marketers have no clue what their audience will like!).

The Bottom Line.

People buy emotionally and justify with logic. That should be no surprise to you. But you need to remember that people operate emotionally even when they’re not buying anything, as well.

We’re all emotional beings, so as you create your content, bring people along for the ride with you. Tell stories, share experiences, and you’ll find that they will want more from you.

And when they’re looking forward to hearing from you and consuming your content–whether it’s a podcast, a video, a slide-show or some other form of communication, you will have won the day!

Join us this week.

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Have a super weekend!

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