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For over a quarter of a century, Ken Krell (aka “The Kenergizer”) has inspired thousands of people from all over the world by sharing powerful ways to create wealth, prosperity and happiness in their lives.

Ken is the Founder and Executive Director of The Institute for TotalPreneurship™ which trains entrepreneurs to become successful lifestyle “TotalPreneurs™”. TotalPreneur.com partners with some of the leading digital marketing brands through its integrated marketing promotions.

He’s also the driving force behind iBoostify.com, an innovative software development firm that has created SiteWrap™, JVSuite™, SmartMail™ for Infusionsoft and more.

Ken produced “World Love Week”, and other multi-speaker digital events, including the World InfoMastery Summit, the World Speakers Summit, the World Authors Conference and the World Chiro Conference.

He’s been respected for decades as an expert in niche marketing strategies in the real estate and mortgage financing businesses, and has founded and operated several successful real estate investment and mortgage banking firms.

These activities afforded him a lifestyle that allowed him to live in some exotic
places—from the Islands of St. Croix and Puerto Rico to Central America and

Ken is also a survivor. Like most entrepreneurs, he knows that to create success you must know how to overcome adversity and “life’s lessons”. From his first business failure in his early 20’s to the devastation of the global financial crisis which left him literally broke, homeless and near death (no exaggeration here), Ken’s unrelenting determination to succeed has helped him weather the storm and
inspires his fellow TotalPreneurs™ to focus on their end goal—and grow past the
obstacles they encounter.

Ken is proud to be partnering with the University of the Philippines Open University, the OFW Credit Coop and other community groups in the Philippines to bring wealth to the Pinoy community. A world traveler, he lives on an island in the Caribbean and in Bangkok, Thailand.

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