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It's all about YOU!

The Institute for TotalPreneurship™
is a Celebration of You!

Here at the Institute for TotalPreneurship™, we’re dedicated to helping you celebrate the passion of your business. We’re here to support and inspire YOU, so you can serve and inspire OTHERS.

From the amazing courses at TPCourses, which is rapidly becoming the world’s leading source of online entrepreneurial learning to The TotalPreneur™ Show, to TotalPreneur™ Magazine to our world class coaching and training programs, we’re here to help you soar and generate or recapture the magic of your business…and your life!

Our philosophy is based on what we call the TotalPreneur™ Essential Elements.

The first is The Element of IP Alchemy. The key to development of a reliable lifestyle business is the creation of Intellectual Property that can be replicated and delivered digitally. The cornerstone of this element is the creation of your own course or training program, which will serve and delight your customers and clients.

The great thing about your own courses is that they will attract, inspire and develop the clients that you WANT to serve…Clients that are aligned with your personality, style and vision.

Next we move on to the next Essential Element, Promotion, Leverage and Monetization. This element is where you’ll learn to multiply the profitability of your business for nearly zero cost and with the most fun ever!

You’ll discover the true power that your IP brings you…from expert power, economic power and leverage power. The result is that you’ll learn to increase the frequency of customer purchases, increase the amount of dollars they spend with you and have more fun and freedom in your life.

The way to ensure that you can run your business sanely and efficiently is by having great Operations, Processes and Systems. So the Third Essential Element is  Effective Operations, Procedures and Systems. You’ll learn how to implement consistency into your business and how to smoothly grow your enterprise by following your own winning game plan.

So that’s a good foundation. However, the power behind all of this is the power of YOU. So your Fourth Essential Element is called “Personal Satisfaction”.

Here’s where you’ll get to examine the bumps in the road and even them out. You’ll learn how to blast-away the obstacles that may have limited, short-circuited or delayed the success you desire…and create the lifestyle and business that you’ve been dreaming of. The bottom line? You’re going to get to Win Your Inner Game!

Finally, we bring it all home with your Fifth Essential Element:  Your Lifestyle of AWESOME.

Whether you want a small, medium or large organization…If you want a physical or virtual company…if you want to take months off to travel the world with your family, or devote your non-working hours to being home with your family, this is where you get to create it and make your vision a reality.

It’s about vibrant health, having the time, energy and resources to make a contribution to your community–wherever in the world you define it to be!

Add to that the financial stability from putting your financial house in order with effective investment and retirement plans to ensure your comfort for the rest of your life.

Bottom line–it’s about getting 100% of what you want!

All together, when you master the 5 TotalPreneur™ Essential Elements, you’ll have designed the most incredible, satisfying business and life. You’ll be regarded as an influential leader in your community. And you’ll be making an even greater impact than you ever dreamed of.

Check out the great content here on the site—it changes often, so you will definitely want to bookmark this page—and grow with us!

Join our online tribes (you’ll find invitations here on the site). And definitely check out our popular show, The TotalPreneur™ Show, where with each episode, you’ll get at least one tool, tip, strategy, idea or inspiration that will help you Boost Your Business.

Join the faculty at TPCourses, where you’ll get to create, promote, leverage and profit from your own Intellectual Property…and also enjoy income from your fellow faculty members as well!

Enjoy the amazing courses here at TPCourses, where you'll learn with some of the world's most interesting entrepreneurs and become part of an incredible global community.

Play with us when you join our highly respected PathFinder Group, TrailBlazer Tribe or get invited to the ultimate experience with The Excalibur Society (where we treat the world as our playground!).

Our mission is to help YOU become the best YOU possible. Let’s do it together!




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