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  • Do you have a message to share with the entrepreneurial world?


  • Do you want to give people tools, tips and strategies to help them build their businesses and enhance their lives?


  • Are you committed to excellence and empowering people to blast through their limits so they can achieve their own personal greatness?


If so, we definitely want to talk to you!

Here at the Institute for TotalPreneurship™, we’re looking for some incredible people to join the Faculty and contribute to TPCourses, our Digital Course Catalogue.


What’s in it for you?

International Exposure

Our reach covers the entire planet of entrepreneurs. Your course will be featured here at TPCourses, you’ll be interviewed on The TotalPreneur™ Show, our WebTV program, and you’ll even have the opportunity to contribute to TotalPreneur™ Magazine, so you can be seen in more places and in front of more people than you’ve ever thought possible.

Your course may even be featured in our weekly promotional email to our growing student base!



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Introduction to New Markets and Really Cool People

Our global reach means that you’ll get to connect with some amazing entrepreneurial souls from all over the planet. This will give you the ability to not just teach, but to learn from your students, as well.

You’ll be able to serve new markets and make a much bigger impact.


Big Profit from Sales of Your Own Course…and Others, too!

Studies of instructors that have posted online courses on other online learning sites illustrate that instructors can earn well into the 5 and 6-figures with their courses!

We’re not making any income claims, of course, but the sky really IS the limit when you partner with us here at The Institute.

You’ll be happy to learn that our compensation plan is among the best in the online education world. In fact, you can send your existing clients and students to purchase your courses and you’ll get to keep 100% of the net sale. That’s right, when you list your course here at TPCourses, it’s as if it’s on your own website. You keep it all when you send your existing clients and customers to purchase your courses.

Even better, when they purchase any other courses, you’ll receive 40% of the tuition of those courses as well! You can see a graphical demonstration of it here.

When you add it all up, it’s a great opportunity for you to generate a significant income!




Deep Funnel Revenue

While other online education sites serve as nothing more than sales venues, here at The Institute, we’re committed to the growth and evolution of both our students and faculty members.

To that end, we’ve developed a variety of proprietary, transformational coaching and training programs that can make massive impact to each participant.

As a faculty member/affiliate, you receive a reward when your referrals join or attend these programs. Your affiliate income from these programs could more than double the income from your courses!


Instant Revenue

No-one likes to wait to get paid, so you won’t have to. When a sales is made through our proprietary e-commerce system, you’ll get paid instantly when the transaction is completed.

No more waiting and wondering when you’re going to get paid! When you sell a course today, you’re paid today. Period.




You Retain Rights to Your Course

Yep. Your course is yours and you can sell it anywhere, however we request that you make some modifications to it so that it’s unique to TPCourses (additionally, we ask that you keep your price either the same or higher).


Easy Done For You Technology

You get to spend your time developing great content and training, and we take care of the technology for you. No need for a website, shopping cart software, auto-responder software, affiliate program, traffic generation or any other online business headache. We take care of all of that for you!

All you need to do is create an amazing learning experience, post it on the site and give your students the most amazing experience possible. We handle all the rest!

We make it easy. If you’re technology-challenged, you’ll love this!



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An Aggressive WorldWide Promotional Program

As a member of the faculty, you become part of an exclusive community that works together to help like-minded people create the business/lifestyle of their dreams.

When each faculty member introduces The Institute’s programs to their communities, the result is a global lead generation system that is second to none!

Of course, The Institute supplements your efforts with a generous affiliate program to reward those who bring us new students! The Institute also has a comprehensive marketing and sales program, including advertising, email marketing, joint ventures, contests and purchase incentives.


Your Own “Faculty Angel”

When you create a course here at The Institute, you’re not alone. You’ll have your own personal “Faculty Angel” to assist you to ensure your success. We have a strict code of ethics and course quality and your Angel will ensure that no course goes “live” until it’s ready.

The Institute’s commitment to top quality entrepreneurial education is unwavering. In fact, we require that all of our courses score a minimum of 3 stars in order to stay in the Course Catalogue. This gives our students the confidence in knowing that they’re getting valuable and useful information to enhance their businesses and their lives.




A WorldWide Instructor Community

Our students and clients enjoy a community in the Class Forums and in our Google+ community, so it’s only fair that our faculty should have similar privileges.

So we’re creating a special faculty community and may even offer you some special faculty-only training so you can fine-tune your business development and marketing skills.


One Low Fee to Get Things Started

Just a low, one-time course set-up fee of $97 gets your course started and includes access to your Faculty Angel, your interview on the TotalPreneur™ Network (on one of our WebTV shows), your column in TotalPreneur™ Magazine, access to the instant-pay platform, access to the aggressive affiliate program and more!

Are you loving it?

If so, please drop us a line and tell us about yourself, your course(s) and something fun about you so we can get the ball rolling! Your Faculty Angel will get back to you right away to help you get started!

We’re looking forward to a long and amazing relationship with you!

Sign Up Now. Time is Running Out!


What’s in it for you?

We want you to each anything that’s relevant

to the 5 Quest for TotalPreneurs™.


We’ll be developing categories within each questo better list your courses

Types of courses that we do not publish include:


  • Academic subjects and courses that take an academic approach (We’re about DOING in the readl world not a theoritical experience)


  • BS-oriented “Get Rich Quick” crap that is hypey scammy and just doesn’t work.


  • Previously published work of others (in other words, no PLR products unless it’s been DRAMTATICALLY customized).


  • Copyrighted works of others (i.e no plagiarism)

The bottom line is that we’re committed to top quality entrepreneurial education for our community, and we won’t allow this standard to be jeopardized. That protects you, us and our students


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