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TPCoursesRight now, we’re opening the doors to our first “Founding Faculty Members” as we gradually introduce the site to the public.

As a Founding Faculty Member, you’ll receive a special badge that you can place on all of your course material that will give you the significance of being in the “inner sanctum” of TPCourses.

Right now, only 100 more people will be accepted as Founding Faculty Members. Space is strictly limited to maintain the exclusivity of this special group.

In addition, to make things Super Special, Founding Faculty will get some special benefits that we’ll be rolling out for you.

SUPER SPECIAL!! Right now, You’ll also receive an ADDITIONAL FEATURED FACULTY PAGE in TotalPreneur™ Magazine (a $200 value!). (That means you’ll be in two issues of the magazine instead of the one that is normally included with the course set-up fee).

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Here’s What You Get With Your Course Set-up Fee:

Remember that when you join right now, you’ll be connected to the “Faculty Angel” team who will help you get your course set-up and easily installed online.

You’ll be hearing from one of the Faculty Angels within 48-96 hours to get you started, so be on the lookout for an email or Skype message (you’ll be completing a short survey and contact form in just a few moments). While there’s no deadline on when your course needs to be delivered, we encourage you to get it done ASAP so you can benefit from the launch traffic.

Once your course is complete, you’ll be scheduled for your interview on The TotalPreneur™ Show, our webTV program (a $500 value) or another show on the TotalPreneur™ Network.

You’ll receive a “Featured Faculty” page in the latest edition of TotalPreneur™ Magazine (a $200 value). (RIGHT NOW, YOU’LL RECEIVE AN ADDITIONAL PAGE, TOO!)

Plus you’ll be identified as a Founding Faculty Member on the site (a $100 value).

You’ll also be invited to join our exclusive, private Google+ Faculty Community, where the faculty actively supports each other (a $360/yr value).

You’ll have the option to participate in the exclusive “Awesome Automatic Retirement Plan” to help you build for your future.

You’ll have access to periodic “Faculty Office Hours” where the Angel Team holds open lines to answer your questions LIVE, in real time. This is a favorite benefit of the faculty (a $200/month value).

You’ll be invited to our Faculty Meetings, where we gather to mastermind, fine-tune our skills and strategize our business plans (recent meeting have included trainings on how to give a great interview and how to effectively launch your course for maximum impact and profit). This is a value of at least $100 per month.

And, of course, you’ll benefit from our Faculty Friendly Instant Pay affiliate program, and our Instant Pay compensation plan.

Yes, we want to do all we can to help you be as successful as possible!  So now it’s up to you. Are you going to join us as a Founding Faculty Member right now?

Your benefits total over $4,760 in just the first year alone!

Right now, you can get your course up on TPCourses—as a Founding Faculty Member—for only $97.


Why do you charge a “Course Set-up Fee” for each course when other online learning platforms don’t?

That’s a great question. And we LOVE to answer it.

The others charge nothing because you get nothing from them.

  • They don’t provide you with a “Faculty Angel” team to assist you with your course installation (and quality control all courses to ensure platform-wide integrity).
  • They don’t offer you an interview on their WebTV show (they don’t even have one!).
  • They don’t give you a “Featured Faculty” page in their online magazine (they don’t have that, either).
  • They don’t have periodic “Faculty Office Hours” to get your questions answered.
  • They don’t have regular Faculty Meetings for your professional development.
  • They don’t PAY YOU INSTANTLY.
  • They don’t give you a LIFETIME affiliate program.
  • They don’t have a RETIREMENT PLAN.
  • They don’t offer you a targeted platform that serves entrepreneurs ONLY.
  • They don’t offer you the ability to STREAM LIVE EVENTS within your courses.
  • They don’t have their own proprietary products and services that pay handsome affiliate commissions.

So when people ask what the Course Set-up Fee is all about, we’re thrilled to share our competitive advantages.

Yes, we are committed to help you be as successful as possible!  So now it’s up to you. Are you ready to join us as a Founding Faculty Member right now?

Your benefits total over $4,760 in just the first year alone!

Right now, you can get your first course up on TPCoursesas a Founding Faculty Member—for only $97 (there are NO recurring monthly fees for your course).


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