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You’re all set for the live broadcast—and you’ll be receiving your confirmation and agenda in a few minutes. It’s going to be jam-packed with great strategies to build a winning, high-profit local marketing consulting business.

Your attendance at the live sessions is totally free. If you’re like me, you’re going to want the recordings (since we’re doing this over 3 days, it’s likely you may miss a session…and even more likely that you’ll want to review the content again…and share it with your team).

We’re planning a release price of $497 for the course. But since you’re part of the actual course creation group, you can secure your own copy now for a fraction of that price.

Right now, you can have lifetime access to the recordings for just $57 (That’s ALL sessions–including the ones you missed if you weren’t lucky enough to be with us on Day 1–and you WANT that session recording!!!). You’ll also get access to the special members area and exclusive members bonuses (including FREE access to Bagel Pro™, Ken’s brand new software that will help you build profit-generating “OmniChannel” sales funnels using the power of WordPress–that’s a $197 value).

But you can only have it now, while you’re on this page, and before the timer hits zero. Once it zero’s out, the page will redirect and you’ll no longer have access to this special offer.

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