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We’re going to try something new next week. Together with my friend and business partner Ken Krell, I’m creating a great new program to help you reach your next big business goal—we’re recording it in the studio this coming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (July 30, 31 and August 1) and I’d love for you to be part of the audience.

There is NO COST to participate! It’s my gift to you for being part of my community.

The training is called:

"Get Your First 20 Paid Clients"

…and it’s designed to help you go from zero to 10k per month (consistently) within a few months…or if you’re already making decent money as a local marketing consultant, you’ll discover the critical key strategies to scale your business to get to your next big income goal.

Here's What You'll Learn:

How to develop the optimum “OmniChannel Marketing Funnel” to grow your local marketing business. Any good funnel strategy will attract new leads…but it takes some fundamental shifts to transition those leads into buyers…and even more of a shift to attract long-term buyers that bring you consistent monthly income. What you learn in this module, you can also apply to your clients’ businesses and boost your income even more!

How to capitalize on “The Lazy Factor”: How to get all the work done without doing any of it yourself. Yes, that’s right. Ken has over 35 people working with him in The Philippines, helping him grow his remarkable software company. You’ll discover how he’s done it and how you can build your own winning outsourcing team in the Philippines—both to grow your own business and to build your clients’ businesses. As a bonus, you’ll get to meet the man who taught Ken how to set it all up and learn the closely-guarded secrets that make outsourcing your ultimate advantage in the marketplace.

Using Reputation Management as a Lead Generator. Everyone loves to be the center of attention…but only when it’s good attention. Your target market is scared to death about their online reputation and how social media can make or break their success. You’re going to discover how to turn that fear into confidence and confidence into cash…YOUR cash.

How to create a high-profit long-term referral program and continuity income program. Yes, your fundamental key to success is having long-term, consistent money coming in…every month…like clockwork. During this session we’ll break down one of the most powerful ways you can do this…and create a virtual “autopilot to cash” system that will help your clients (so much so that they may name their next child (or grandchild) after you!

How to leverage the power of joint ventures for exponential growth. Ken grew his business from zero to tens of thousands practically overnight using some of these strategies, and you’ll discover exactly how he did it…building a list in the thousands (and all totally targeted prospects and buyers, too!) in just a few short weeks. You’ll also discover the key elements of how to create the ultimate joint venture that will pay you for years to come–both your your own business and as a JV broker for your clients (one of the best lead and revenue generation mechanisms you’ll ever use!).

We’re planning 5 in-depths sessions for the full program. Each session will last about 60-90 minutes, and we’ll do it LIVE on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday afternoons (July 30, 31 and August 1 ).

Your Access is Totally FREE.

I only ask that you participate…show up…ask questions…and USE what you learn…we want to be able to tell your story…your success story…when we launch the program to the general public.

I only ask that you participate…show up…ask questions…and USE what you learn…we want to be able to tell your story…your success story…when we launch the program to the general public.

We’re also going to be using a new delivery system, too (it should be fun!) When you enroll, you’ll get the details and your reminders via Facebook (email deliverability is awful now, and Facebook seems to be the best way to reach you these days).

so grab your spot here now and I’ll see you Monday!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Han Fan

Learn How To Get Your First 20 Paid Clients

Your Access is Totally FREE

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